Community Clinics

If you are a Community Health Center located in the United States, we would love to hear about your facility, the patient population you serve and the needs you have. We are looking to sponsor clinics that provide medical, dental, vision, mental health, or other health-related services to uninsured or underinsured low income patients. A clinic does not need to provide all of the aforementioned services to qualify.

Funding Requirements:

  • Donations must be spent in the fiscal year that it was granted in.
  • Funds may ONLY be used for medications, labs, and medical supplies.
  • Funds may NOT be used for provider compensation, administrative expenses, or any other area that does not directly benefit the health of a patient.
  • Community Health Center must be a non-for-profit organization.

Our sponsorship program operates nationwide. Donations range from $500 to $10,000 per clinic and awards are granted based on need as well as total benefit provided to the community. Community Health Centers who show a strong track record of improving the quality and access to health care in underserved communities and those representing vulnerable patient populations will receive priority.

The Board of Directors reads and ranks all requests made from Community Health Centers. All requests, applications and supporting materials are confidential and cannot be released to any other entity without the written consent of the clinic.

There are no deadlines for Community Health Center Sponsorship requests and we will continue to review all requests throughout the year. If you are interested in applying, please follow the link under Clinic Sponsorship and complete the contact form in its entirety.