The Gift of Health

Striving for a Healthier America

The Gift of Health is a nationwide initiative created to address, support, and improve effective health care delivery models designed to meet the specific needs of vulnerable populations. There is a clear need to increase the level of attention paid to vulnerable groups, including both those who, because of their chronic illness or disability have many interactions with the health system, and those who have difficulty accessing the system, since these groups may be most likely to fall through the cracks during this period of rapid health system change.Several specific groups within the population have been shown to be especially vulnerable to health care quality problems, differential experiences in the health system, or increased burden of poor health. Among others, these groups include the un- or underinsured, the poor, the elderly, children, those living with mental or physical disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, and the terminally ill. The vulnerability that these groups experience usually can be attributed to one or some combination of the following factors: economic status or geographic location; health, functional, or developmental status; or ability to communicate. Not all sources of vulnerability can be fully explained by these factors, however, understanding the underlying sources of vulnerability is critical, not only because of the need to influence the development of targeted quality improvement efforts, but also because addressing the problems vulnerable groups encounter requires coordinated efforts throughout the health system.

Please take a moment to join us in our efforts to make our communities healthier. Together we can bring change that can be felt by so many that are in need of quality care. There is no better gift than health to make a difference in someone’s life.

For pre-health students and those looking to make a stronger impact, we have made it simple for you to create an individual campaign and become an integral part of our fundraiser. Follow the link to create your own team and follow your progress.

Health Care for Tomorrow Inc. has established the Gift of Health to help bring a solution to underserved communities and vulnerable patient populations across the United States. We are focusing our efforts to raise money in support of community health centers that provide medical, dental, vision, mental health, and other health-related services to uninsured or underinsured low income residents. We are dedicated to providing additional resources that will help make our communities healthier. The initiative also provides educational scholarships for medical students and nursing students who plan to dedicate their practice in underserved communities. Our efforts to help build a workforce committed to treating underserved patient populations is aimed to create a sustainable solution for future generations.

With your help and support we can continue to provide hope for so many individuals that need a voice. This initiative is about bringing education, health and society together. At Health Care for Tomorrow, we feel that no person or community should be denied access to quality care. The Gift of Health is our way of incorporating a solution that in part, will help alleviate some of the health disparities affecting vulnerable populations and bring us one step closer to a healthier America.