Workforce Development Program

Health Care for Tomorrow Inc understands that the first step to providing quality health care is to have a staff that can deliver it. While recent economic conditions continue to put strain on operation costs, we have focused our attention on a cost savings program to help our clients continue their workforce development.

The process begins by evaluating the needs of each facility and creating a projected savings analysis. We take an in-depth look at which departments are in most need of restructuring and propose both a short term and long term solution. In the short term solution, potential employees are identified from our Health Care for Tomorrow Workforce Network and screened by the client to determine the best match. We arrange for candidates to interview with key executives at client’s facility. Any hiring conditions are discussed prior to the interview and each client will decide on granting final employment opportunity.

Below you will find a brief description of both our short term and long term solutions:

Short Term Solution:

We have found that over the years, most of our clients have been in need of a short term workforce solution. While other companies were focusing on foreign trained providers, we knew there had to be a better solution. We began to address this issue by designing a workforce network, a database with new potential employees ready to fill permanent positions. Our initial focus has been on nursing and we will eventually expand to allied health fields as our clients express interest. The Health Care for Tomorrow Nursing Directory is an invaluable resource to reduce our client’s costs on registry and traveling nurses. Our database has both recently graduated nurses from local accredited nursing programs as well as experienced nurses, currently looking for new opportunities.

Long Term Solution:

Our long term strategy is the implementation of a pipeline designed for hospitals and health systems to “home grow” their own workforce through contract education. Once the future workforce needs have been identified, we quickly establish a relationship with a local college to create a partnership between the educational institution and your facility. Conditional Scholarships are provided by the hospital or health system and each candidate participating in the program is committed to a set amount of time of employment upon graduation. Health Care for Tomorrow serves as liaison to both parties, insuring a smooth selection process, program management and the employment transition of each new graduate into your facility.