Community Care Mentorship Program

Health Care for Tomorrow Inc would like to address the decline of community building in our everyday lives. Modern communities, impacted by complex issues including rapid change, staggering economic pressures and loss of employment, are suffering from a decreased participation in activities and are leading to a lost sense of community and pride.

There is a growing public consensus that neighborhoods are healthier, stronger and safer when they include spaces where youth can gather and learn. Hospitals and Health Systems have the ability to create opportunities for students to engage in conversation, education, performance, and community development. In doing so, these hospitals create an increased sense of well-being, belonging and neighborhood pride.

The Community Care Mentorship Program takes the time to guide and educate tomorrows generation of professionals. This program targets high school students looking to complete community service hours and learn about the health care field. Our staff actively works with local high schools to assure students are aware of such great opportunities. As part of the program, learning workshops are given to provide students with useful information on colleges, jobs and the importance of community pride. This program works best in conjunction with the Health Care Apprentice Program to allow for a cost effective investment.