Hospital Services

Our services are designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase gains.

Health Care for Tomorrow has carefully designed its programs to provide workforce solutions that are affordable and sustainable in today’s economic conditions.

Health Care Apprentice Program
A prestigious hospital-based internship designed to give university and college students a hands-on experience, while providing hospital staff with needed support. The program is designed to increase staff satisfaction and provide education to pre-med, pre-nursing and pre-allied health students preparing for a career as a health care professional. This program offers numerous advantages to the overall operations of your facility. Please contact us to learn how this service will provide you with a strong return on investment.

Patient Support Program
This program fits in conjunction with the Health Care Apprentice Program. It is specifically designed to increase patients’ perspective of hospital care at your facility. Designated Health Care Apprentices are trained to round continuously during their shift asking patient satisfaction questions emulating those found on the HCAHPS Survey. We have found that by increasing the attention given to a patient and having their concerns addressed in a timely manner, will increase patient satisfaction and thus the reported HCAHPS Score.

Workforce Development Program
Our Workforce Development Program offers both, a short term and long term solution to address the staffing needs of your facility. We focus on three main areas: Recruitment, Retention and Pipeline Creation. Health Care for Tomorrow Inc. is currently developing an innovative network database of experienced and newly graduated nurses. This database will provide a valuable resource to fill vacant positions in your facility and reduce the use of registry and traveling nurses. Retention is addressed by facilitating new-hire transitions into your facility and assigning a preceptor for guidance. Pipeline Creation is scholarship based and is implemented by using contract education. A partnership between your facility and a local college is established and managed by us.

Community Care Mentorship Program
This program is exclusively for High School Students in your community to serve as Jr. Apprentices and receive mentorship from college and university students. This opportunity allows Jr. Apprentices to earn community service hours while receiving an educational experience exposing them to the world of health care. Each quarter, learning workshops are held on various topics including: resume building, interview skills, test taking strategies and personal statement preparation for colleges. This program offers invaluable exposure to many fields in health care and strives to spark new desires in students to pursue a career as a health professional.